A downloadable game for Android

Very much not done, but you can mess around a bit.

MOVE: Left stick and Dpad

TRIGGERS: fires the disinfecting water gun (has limited ammo, well maybe, not sure I actually had time to implemented that feature, lol).

U button: heals you from infection (costs ammo to use)

Characters with an exclamation above them is infected, they can spread it to each other on contact, and to you!

The gun is pressurized, so holding the triggers for long periods will reduce the range, give a little time for pressure to recover to get back to sweet blasting.

You score points by disinfecting people!

Game ends when you have been infected for a brief period (health falls to zero).

I only had time to test on ouya with ouya controller, though keyboard should work also, lol. Any other controllers I make no guarantees.

I was jamming to sweet tunes while working on this, and it totally made me forget that I didn't any sound at all... oops, lol.


Disinfector.apk 4 MB


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Apropos theme.  Cool little play.  Nice.